We proudly carry the following brand products:

Color exclusively by Goldwell

Goldwell is the premium name in professional hair color artistry with over 40 years’ experience and performance proven by over 60 patents. Goldwell offers a full portfolio from conservative to creative and is specifically designed to ensure color vibrancy, optimum shine, and the integrity of the hair.

Just like Goldwell chemists are always working on scientific advancements; Goldwell salon professionals are continually educated on the latest trends and techniques to transform your look with styles inspired by the runways then created by Goldwell’s Global Artists

Loving your hair, believing in excellence and truly embracing your passion for beautiful hair are a Goldwell commitment!


Hair Care by Goldwell

It’s the secret of every outstanding look, every color, cut, and styling: professional care products that complement your service, that’s how you achieve stunning results.
With the new Dual Senses Shampoos and Conditioners, GOLDWELL l has made significant technological progress with unsurpassed color retention with double effect, experience high performing expert care with these dual action formulas.

Hair color is most brilliant right after the color service. Shampooing with any shampoo (sulfate or sulfate-free) causes color to fade as it weakens the anchoring of the color molecules. These innovative hair care products actively strengthen the anchoring of the color molecules with Intra Lipid Complex developed exclusively by GOLDWELL. It effectively balances the lipid levels inside and outside and at the same time, the new cream foam gently cleanses the hair.

That is the Dualsenses patented care formula with double effect, the main requirements for truly healthy hair.

Styling by KMS

We make it easy for you to recreate your salon look at home with our new 3 step regimen. We group our products into START, STYLE, FINISH.

Every step is formulated with new TRIfinity technology, so you can create an infinite number of style equations. All KMS products are multi-compatible: They work best when used as a 3-step regimen adapted from the approach developed by KMS nearly 20 years ago

  • START products feature the AHA Structure Complex. They prime by improving the outside and the inside of the hair, ensuring STYLE products can adhere evenly.
  • STYLE products are individually formulated with Innovative Shaping Blends. Each product contains a unique blend to ensure you can easily create the style you want.
  • FINISH products contain Flexible Sealing Compounds. They help to prolong the effect of STYLE products, with up to 3-day hold and humidity protection, for a natural-looking style that lasts.

TRIfinity Technology ensures reliability, longevity, and high performance but most importantly, it ensures our products work – in the most effective way possible.

Professionally exclusive, innovative styling products that support your individual style creation, because great style may not save the world, but it can make your day.


Varis North America*

The Hydroionic Crystals in the VARIS™ line of products are a blend of natural-occurring crystals that emit pure negative ions and infrared energy. Together, these elements are powerful enough to break down water molecules that penetrate the hair shaft and restore moisture balance, leaving hair full of shine.

The VARIS™ nylon brushes are lightweight, soft-touch rounded handle allows for control and comfort while providing a slip-free styling experience that help reduce fly-aways and speed up drying time. Available in small, medium, and large.

The VARIS™ boar brushes are high-quality natural boar bristles that distribute oils throughout the hair with a natural wood handle finish, a soft-touch grip to provide long-lasting durability and styling control providing the hair with moisture and additional shine. Available in small, medium, and large.


*Varis Blow-Dryers and Irons available for special order

Cezanne Smoothing Treatments

Cezanne is the newest and most effective premier smoothing treatment available, that’s why we are proud to be a Cezanne Certified Salon. Cezanne is naturally safe and effective, 100% formaldehyde-free, free of all derivatives of aldehydes and other toxic ingredients—-its nature’s way of smoothing. It is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, won’t irritate the scalp and won’t release noxious gases.

Instead of compromising the health of your hair, Cezanne actually strengthens hair, working from the inside out; using a revolutionary low pH technology that restores bonds that are broken or damaged from lightening, chemical treatments, chemotherapy, age and many other factors that can break down bonds.

Cezanne treatments infuse not only keratin, but also wonderful ingredients like Aloe Vera, Sericin (a natural silk protein), Glycolic Acid, as well as superb botanical extracts (Sugarcane, Apple, Green Tea) and vitamins (C, E, B3, B5, B6) directly into the cortex of your hair leaving the hair healthier each time.

For best results, we strongly recommend the at-home maintenance products; Cezanne’s Moisturizing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner, and Protector Spray.



Avlon Industries has created some of the most innovative hair care products for the multi-cultural market and continues to look at new and innovative ways in advancing hair technology.

Affirm Conditioning Relaxer System not only provides superior straightening with incredible softness and shine but actually conditions the hair before, during, and after the treatment. There unique blend of exotic and state of the art ingredients strengthen the hair, improve hair porosity, and protect against damage by retaining more moisture and fiber elasticity per strand. Leaving you with nothing but gorgeous results.


Rodan + Fields

We are proud to represent Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. These uniquely effective skincare products are designed by two of the most respected dermatologists in the country with a legacy of delivering on what they promise. We believe that using Rodan + Fields is as close as you can get to visiting a dermatologist … without an appointment.

Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields have also taught us that achieving great skin requires more than great products. Be sure to link to the website below to check out the tips from the Doctors, experience the exclusive Solution Tool and read up on the Doctors’ seasonal skin-care recommendations.
Rodan and Fields can truly transform your skin.We have personally witnessed the difference these products have made on people’s skin and in their lives. Along with Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields we are committed to exceeding your expectations and always here to help.